Furniture cleaning

Furniture cleaning out of the question is one of the most valuable service for your home and office. Not only cleaning on a regular basic makes furniture look nicer, but also it is pivotal to remove dirt and bacterial to keep your families health especially in homes with kids and pets. Moreover, it creates a good impression to the clients, visitors and employees. Furniture cleaning service is also affordable because most furniture is made from industrial materials which are expensive to buy and regular cleaning extends the life of your furniture. Our technician cleaners use top-of-the-line equipment, Eco-friendly and safe cleaning products with excellent result. DiamondHands furniture cleaning service offers you to clean your home and office on daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. For any cleaning frequency, we can tailor the right cleaning package for you with very competitive and affordable rates.

Furniture cleaning service includes:

  • Carpet, Rugs,Sofa cleaning
  • Arm chairs and tables cleaning
  • All types of fabric, tailored,leather cleaning to best suit your fabrics
  • Floor Sweeping, Toilet and dust cleaning
  • After party and building cleaning

Refresh your furniture to look new again